Smart outsourcing strategies for your IT business
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The desired level is Advanced – C1 to ensure proper communication, since it is of utmost importance in remote environments. Soft skills are also assessed to find out whether a candidate is a team player and a good match for the dedicated team. Nowadays, there is a tendency to сhoose a balance between hard and soft skills. In a majority of cases, despite a high professional level such people will not be good team players and may negatively affect the team’s morale and overall performance. While soft skills, such as the ability to communicate, provide and accept feedback, and relationships with colleagues, will be a huge benefit for a remote team member.

smart outstaffing

At this stage, additional documents, such as a contract regarding the cooperation of a client with our company along with the NDA between a developer and a client, are signed. From the first working day, we help a developer integrate into a new team environment. This time it is necessary for a person to acquire all of the required access and tools crucial for everyday work.

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At the same time, the customer’s capabilities are limited by their own expertise and in-house team skills. Therefore, when a person leaves, their experience is lost, and finding a replacement turns into a long and expensive undertaking. Obviously, this method often lacks structure, transparency, and communication.

smart outstaffing

In addition, sharing experiences can also help the client feel more confident in their decision to work with a team, which can lead to improved working relationships. It is essential to understand communication preferences and adjust accordingly. The team must be respectful of the client’s needs and communicate clearly and concisely while providing valuable information. To start sharing your knowledge, you need to set up ways to collect and store it. Therefore, implementing current knowledge management trends and best practices is the key to success. All accounting companies need good specialists, but not all have the opportunity to maintain a huge staff.

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Outstaffing development can help companies get their products and services to market faster by providing access to a team of highly skilled IT professionals who can work quickly and efficiently. This can be particularly beneficial for companies operating in fast-paced industries. Outstaffing Ukraine is known for its strong work ethic, good communication skills, and ability to work well with businesses from the West. Software developers are proficient in English and have experience working with clients from the US and other English-speaking countries. The exchange of experience can help build trust between the outstaffed team and the client and improve understanding of the project and the overall result. Being open and transparent about your strengths and weaknesses helps you make informed decisions and receive valuable feedback.

smart outstaffing

After the books are reconciled, it is reviewed and questions are addressed by a certified accountants. You will receive an email message with instructions on how to reset your password. In today’s competitive market, even incremental cost reduction can be a competitive advantage. So, how do you decide which initiatives to outsource and which to keep in-house? While just guidelines, if you can answer yes to all or most of the following questions, outsourcing may be worth your consideration.

What does a development team do?

For a person to feel engaged, we arrange meetings with the team and ensure that the person has enough time to get acquainted with their colleagues and rules of the project they will be working on. During the selection, we conduct a series of interviews and test tasks to staff your team with qualified team members. When all of the appropriate candidates are selected, we start our first round of the interview process where technical tasks are done by a potential employee in order to verify their skill level. During the assessment, we perform the code review to ensure the highest technical skills. During this stage, it is also possible to arrange the interview directly with the client if the need arises. Classic IT outstaffing refers to the usual type of outsourcing where remote programmers or a third-party agency are hired to perform individual tasks or develop entire projects.

  • We practice 360-degree reviews to receive unbiased opinions from all the coworkers.
  • With the increased demand from clients, outstaffing also evolves and offers flexible services to meet the clients’ needs.
  • RX Marketing is a data-driven marketing technology company that delivers lifecycle campaign optimization and data monetization through social, search and display media, as well as email.
  • The core in-house team usually takes care of the rest, as they already have all the needed skills.

Smart outstaffing or smart staffing is a modern approach to IT outsourcing, focused on a more efficient way to collaborate with remote teams. However, with the smart method, the customer acquires not just people with the set of necessary competencies, they also get access to the entire expertise of the contracting company. The emphasis is on the knowledge of not just one specialist but of a whole group that has relevant experience in many areas. When a client chooses to trust part of his project to a smart outstaffing provider, they can free time and target high-level tasks instead. The outstaffing specialist might in turn be in charge of project management, task accomplishment, and even take part in shaping the final strategy and result. In this case, the outstaffing company takes the role of a strategic partner, playing an active part in the process flow of the project.

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