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bookkeeping service cost

It has taken me far too long to accept that it no longer works and the market is punishing me accordingly. For those who think my charges are outrageous, 30 odd clients who didn’t know each other were happy to pay the same chargeable rate for a variety of skills and many are still with me. Although I work on an hourly rate, the clients look at what they are paying in total monthly and that figure is much the same as the previous month. So after a long period of time, they must have felt the value of what I bring with me in addition to the book-keeping activity was worth what they were paying. In effect I am the company in-house accountant, but accessible by phone and email rather than in person. It costs £15,000 a year to run my business before I take a salary, because I have to have good quality systems and software and these things don’t grow on trees.

  • Despite this I doubt anybody would take somebody on to do bookkeeping if they charged extra for any of the above.
  • For a free quote or to know how online bookkeeping and accounting services work, please click here.
  • I’m giving you this because my goal is for this course to be an investment, not a cost.
  • We take great pride in ourselves on having the ability to offer personalized bookkeeping services that are designed particularly to suit the preferences of every client.
  • We offer high-quality services at competitive and affordable fees.

Check out our recent webinar on how to boost your self-worth and shake up your pricing to help you re-energise your bookkeeping practice. If you’re not sure where to begin, you could join The 6 Figure Bookkeepers’ Club on Facebook; bookkeeping for startups a supportive group where there are no silly questions. There’s also the option of becoming a member of The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, giving you access to a network of local groups that meet regularly throughout the year.

Need Based Decisions

If you can structure a deal that keeps clients onboard for a few months, they’ll really begin to see the ROI. Cloud bookkeeping services are offered using cloud-based software so that it becomes easy for you to access your financial data from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, cloud bookkeeping services guarantee more security. Online bookkeeping services are more cost-effective and reliable than in-person accounting services. This is because they minimize the risk of human error and fraud that can often occur with paper recordkeeping.

How do I price myself as a bookkeeper?

Charge Based on a Percentage of Your Client's Income

An industry standard would be to charge about 1-3% of your client's gross income, and that is about what they should spend on a monthly bookkeeper (or all of their bill pay and invoicing or other office tasks).

I have been worried sick for the last year and a half because it was almost impossible to get new clients, and I really couldn’t see what I was doing wrong. But, to answer the question, £20-£25 per hour is what you should expect to achieve for book-keeping, and the other work should be detailed and charged separately. It’s very different considering an extension that may cost £30k to bookkeeping for a few hundred pounds a month. I am not sure how you know you are four times faster then other bookkeepers , for example how do you know and I suspect a client would ask the same . I am also very fast but it is up to the client to decide that. I am not suggesting you are not good, but I do question your judgement about speed compare to other bookkeepers.

What do Accounting Services Cost in London?

Privacy is important to us, so you have the option of disabling certain types of storage that may not be necessary for the basic functioning of the website. Blocking categories may impact your experience on the website. You need to be comfortable with charging different clients different amounts, and you need to expect to have a conversation with each prospect before they become a client. There is another pricing strategy you could try – I guess it’s an extension of ‘per project’ – and see if it works for you. If I wanted to agree a charge every time she phoned and refused to help her if she didn’t agree it would destroy the relationship. Self-employed book-keepers charge in the range £18 per hour to £30 (absolute max).

Copyright Ainsworth Accountants Ltd 2022These webpages are intended to provide a helpful general guide.Specific professional advice should be taken before taking action. Late submission of payroll information to our Payroll Team £40 – we try to mitigate this surcharge by sending reminders when payroll is due. Your initial session will be charged at the time of booking, thereafter terms of 7 days may be given. Your dedicated bookkeeper will conduct regular tax efficiency reviews, ensuring you’re claiming everything you could be and operating in the most efficient way possible. Our experts will work with you to reduce your corporation, personal or any other tax liability, all within the rules of the UK tax legislations.

b) Facilitates Better Tax Planning:

But just imagine, you are so occupied with business tasks that you are unable to focus on other activities that can lead to business growth. Yes, we are talking about some business activities like Bookkeeping and Accounting that can consume a lot of time. All our clients have access to experienced client managers that are dedicated to making sure your businesses accounts are managed as efficiently as possible. Whatever your circumstances may be, we can help simplify your bookkeeping, file your tax return or manage payroll on your behalf.

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